Rising India Runners youth events are 100% free and are organized into three stages based on the level of physical activity, competitiveness, and the age of an individual participant. This means youth participate in the events most appropriate for their skill level.

Rising India Road Runners youth events are 100% free and are organized into three stages based on the physical activity level of the participant. This structure places boys and girls into events most appropriate for their skill level.
These youth events are a combination of fitness activities and structured running. Our goal is to give boys and girls the most fun and best experience, so they want to continue to be active for the rest of their lives.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the events are structured:

Level Ages Event Types Register If…
Stage 1 2 to 10 Non-competitive
Untimed shorter distances
Fitness activities
Your child is new to physical activity or running, but likes playing games and being active.
Stage 2 8 to 18 Non-competitive
Untimed medium distances
Fitness activities
Your child likes running, but isn’t ready for a competitive event. Your child likes playing games and being active.
Stage 3 12 to 18 Competitive
Timed longer distances
Fitness activities
Your child is comfortable running a longer distance and racing other kids in a competitive setting.

If you need help determining your child’s stage, please contact

See below for a list of Rising India Road Runners events, and visit the event pages to register your child for that event. Plan ahead for event day and read our Youth Event Guidelines.

Date Rising India Road Runners Event Stages Offered
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Sunday, Dec 9 2018 at 5K Run Gurugram X X
Saturday, Feb 2 2019 at Leisure Valley Park, Gurugram
Sunday, Feb 3 2019 at World 10K Run Gurugram X X
Sunday, 13 April 2019 at Rohtak Cross Country X X
Sunday, May 5, 2019 at Race to Deliver X
Sunday, Jun 1 2019 at World 10K Run Karnal X X
Sunday, Dec 23, 2019 at Jingle Bell Jog X X X
at World 10K Run Panchkula X
at IGM World 10K Run Kurukshetra X

Rising India Road Runners Youth Events Guidelines

Rising India Road Runners and India Road Runners take the safety of participants in youth events very seriously. Follow the steps below to ensure a great experience for everyone at your child’s race

STEP 1: At Registration Each child’s race bib comes with two claim tags, located on the bottom of the bib (see sample above), with numbers that match the bib number.

STEP 2: Before the Start of the Race Attach the race bib to the front of the outermost layer of your child’s clothing. Tear off the claim tags along the perforated line and hold on to them. The parent or guardian responsible for meeting the child after the race will need the matching tag in order to claim the child. (Two tags are provided in case more than one parent or guardian may be claiming the child.)

STEP 3: At the Finish After the race, all children age 13 and under and all children ages 14-18 wearing a bib with a blue sticker will be brought to the family reunion area (see diagrams above). To claim a child age 13 and under or a child age 14–18 wearing a bib with a blue sticker, a parent/guardian must present a claim tag that matches the child’s bib number. No child will be released to an adult who does not present a matching claim tag. Children ages 14-18 wearing a bib without a blue sticker may exit on their own. CLAIM TAGS


Can I run with my child?
Rising India Road Runners allows one parent or guardian to run with a child ages 2–4 in youth events. Please stay to the side or back in order to keep the course clear for unaccompanied children. If you wish to run with a child over age 4, please speak to the youth events captain at the start line before the start of the race; the captain will work with you and your child to ensure that everyone has a safe race. Parents and guardians are not permitted to accompany children in our Stage 2 or Stage 3 events.

Can I run pushing a stroller or with a dog?
For the safety of all participants and to satisfy insurance requirements, no strollers or animals are permitted in Rising India Road Runners or India Road Runners youth events.

Where are the start lines and when should my child report to the start?
Please reference individual race pages for start locations and heat times for Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 groups at each event.

Can my child run in a Stage heat outside his/her actual age or gender (with a sibling, for example)?
For the safety of all participants, Rising India Road Runners and India Road Runners recommended that children run in their appropriate divisions.

How can I watch my child run?
You may stand behind the barriers along the course or in the Family Reunion area.